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3D Production Bureau:  Following the extensive research embarked upon to promote or launch particular African destinations, products and venues we convert our published work, maps and charts into affordable, 3D moulds.

Within 1 - 5 hours we are able to produce and supply 3D versions of products, in full colour or monochrome, using the latest technology and recyclable chemicals.

This rapid prototyping technology crosses diverse industries: topographical, geological and geographical features in relief; design and layout of property developments, golf-courses and housing estates, which are popular amongst universities and schools, developers, town planners; Real Estate Agents and the like.

The same process can also be extended to mining impact assessments profiles; motor manufacturing prototyping; tool and die; engineering and general moulding (consumer packaging, nuts&bolts, toys, shoes, medical relief charts, teeth, jaws and bones and the reproduction of relics and memorabilia).

We can read the 3D products of auto-cad programmes and scanners (in formats: STL, VRML and PLY). More practically, the maximum size of the build box is 254 x 356 x 203 mm, however, larger models can be developed by producing sections of your design, and then bonding then seamlessly together afterwards.

The build box does not have to reproduce one item at a time or copies there-of, it can be filled with a variety of items, each different in shape and build all of these items in one print-run. We can build anything from architectural drawings and landscapes to producing bones, ceramics and ornaments. These can be printed in a matter of one or two hours. After items have been drawn in 3D or scanned (a service which we also provide), they can be printed identically to the original or made smaller of bigger, depending on their intended use. 

For example, we could scan or draw a promotional item - like a key-ring, top hat, pipe, vase, shoe, packaging...the opportunities are endless, and re-produce them as miniatures, for promotional or advertising launches within minutes. A variety of objects could be printed, from start to finish, within a couple of hours, like tiny motor cars, out-door table and chair sets or model houses, for the architectural industry. One build-box can produce up to 300, unique, labeled, objects. So, for those companies or agencies who are running late in the planning of Christmas party give-aways, this is an ideal opportunity to order your dream promotional item for your special clients.

In this regard our service is of particular importance to museums and universities as we are able to replicate objects (like fossils and artifacts) thus preserving the originals while still facilitating their examination by students orvisitors

In the case of fossils, we are able to X-ray the actual stone casing and print out the positive of the embedded shape while preserving the integrity of the original form. The same technique applies to the origination and reproduction of models in the fields of dentistry, anatomy and medicine. (While this type of work constitutes our main interest our 3D printer is able to print any 3D file, be it from the auto industry to tool and die - we can re-engineer most parts at a fraction of the time and expense, compared to any other process.)

Our connections with the department of Land Affairs and the SA Navy are testimony to our integrity, which provides the necessary assurance that our work is confidential and of the highest quality. 

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