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Venue Africa are tourism facilitators: for almost two decades we have been promoting African destinations, features and products using conventional 2D media as well as state-of-the-art 3D printing of relief maps; landscapes; geopogical peculiarities (like the Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site, volcanos and calderas) as well as mould development, primarily for the mass production of 3D maps (DEMs), a technology which is ideal for tourism and education but which is applicable across diverse industries.

With South Africa achieving the highest number of international travelers on the continent, we focused on the provision of high quality material and coverage of our natural heritage, and promotion thereof. In doing so we branched into cartography, charting and customized mapping and registered as official map agents for the department of Land Affairs (Surveys and Mapping) and Chart Agents for the SA Navy.

Safety in a country as large as South Africa (with a land area of 1 221 040 sq. km), is a prerequisite in establishing tourism growth. We, therefore, pride ourselves on providing accurate, accessible information to land and water users throughout the region.

Our publishing thrust specializes in adding value and extending the scope of water and land surveys, of feature areas throughout the country, like the Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site; Vaal Dam; Loch Vaal; Hartbeespoort Dam, Gariep and the greater SA coastline.

Mapping includes standard maps of South Africa (scaled at 1:10 000 upwards) as well as focusing on uniquely enhanced dams and inland waterways together with charts of the Southern African coastline.

Customized maps cater for special interest groups like; fishermen (fly, bass, offshore etc.), wishing to identify the terrain in which they will locate their ideal catch, giving them the edge on their competitors (GPS co-ordinates can be calculated); yachting (we supply charts with surveyed grids based on longitude and latitude readings); motor-boating - get a grip on where you are and where you have come from; town planning (the most accurate and up-to-date snapshot of your locality and its potential development); and Real Estate (sell a lifestyle).

When you sell a home you sell the surrounds and when the home is set in the idyllic background of waterfront property, with its advantages of tranquility, wildlife and birdlife and the serenity of a country breakaway), what better tool to use to convey the message than a customized wall map, boasting all the advantages and pin-pointing the location of your dream destination? 

So successful has this been that in addition to the standard methods of publishing for the travel and tourism sector, Venue Africa has entered into the field of CAD and 3D printing, to bring the wealth of Africa's assets home to visitors, tourists, students and the general public. 

3D Rapid Prototyping is exciting state-of-the-art technology we now use primarily to convert any of the above published works, maps and charts into three-dimensional models, providing 3D moulds across diverse industries: topographical, geological and geographical features in relief; design and layout of property developments, golf-courses and housing estates.


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